Philosophy and Mission of Anne Enke's is the digital face of Anne Enke’s extensive writing on important topics concerning women’s lives, including: International women’s rights; Women’s ancient history, Religion and sexual politics women; Smart Sensuality women, their values around consumption and philanthropy; and other related material.

Anne Enke’s Noncommercial Voice

In her refusal to capitulate editorially for the sake of her own commercial gain, Anne knows that her future as a writer, curator and authentic voice on women’s issues is attached to artistic media projects, corollary design projects, and women’s rights initiatives that deserve support by the nonprofit foundation community and high-income individuals who understand and embraces her voice and vision.

Anne’s high design aesthetic and keen eye as a curator don’t mask the reality that her authenticity and strong voice have created a body of work that is noncommercial and unappealing to the large majority of American advertisers, who avoid controversy at all cost.

The fact that Anne’s writing has attracted a rapidly growing audience of 250,000 readers reinforces – not her commerciality – but her originality and authenticity with readers who reject typically American, commercial values. It is very possible that in the future, a commercial publisher will appreciate Anne’s noncommercial value. Today, those opportunities do not exist.

We recognize that perception is everything in today’s world. In creating to help clarify Anne’s voice for the nonprofit community, remains noncommercial, too. Therefore, will not fund fashion or style articles that might confuse potential grantmakers or contributors. Our accountant will keep a separate bank account and income/expense ledger for and any funds coming from our fiscal sponsor. Objectives

1) To obtain individual and funding support for AOC writing on topics.

If content includes “telling women’s stories from fashion to flogging”, any support for creates articles and public attention around topics like the flogging of 40,000 women a year in Sudan, bride burning in India, raped women in the Congo and Jimmy Carter’s assertion that much of organized religion is detrimental to women’s advancement in poor countries.

Writing these articles takes 10 times the labor and research as simpler posts and editorials that attract 10 times as many readers. It has always been Anne’s strategy to raise reader consciousness by intercepting them on the website and moving them out of their comfort zones with ‘unpopular’ articles.

Think of Anne Enke as a digital, women’s rights missionary looking to convert her readers to care about international women’s rights issues. She seduces them with beautiful, sensual editorials and then offers up a plate of real-women horror stories for dessert.

In a large percentage of cases, Anne makes the conversion.

2) To put into development artistic and design projects that support female-centric values and work to change how women are portrayed in fashion and art.

We are studying ways to leverage Anne’s extensive body of intellectual web content and unique philosophy on women’s lives into new media from ebooks to film and video.

With Anne’s growing visibility and unique voice, she is contacted directly by even more artists than she discovers. Anne is working to develop new artistic projects that encompass her essays and curated vision with the works of primarily, but not exclusively, women artists.

A specific project in development is to produce a DVD, video and eventually an art book on flowers and sensuality, working with Scottish photographer Kate Scott and other artists whose approach to flowers and sensuality represents Anne’s vision. This project could go on IndieGoGo.

3) To pursue both foundations and high-wealth individuals who love the content of and are often supporters of Anne’s vision and writing, but can’t – or won’t --offer support without nonprofit status or a fiscal sponsor.

These individuals understand exactly what Anne is doing, mixing style with international women’s issues and philanthropy. However, in getting out the checkbook to further her work on issues that matter to them, a charitable tax deduction is required.

We are working now to obtain the fiscal sponsor who will allow us to offer AOCCares nonprofit status to our contributors and grant makers.

Mainstream American women do not have caring, globally responsible reputations around the world and have low profiles in the international women’s rights community.

Anne works diligently to dispel the notion that American women (and men) – who represent about 70% of our readers -- are all “Sex & the City” types who prize stilettos over saving lives.

We try to motivate readers to action, without asking them to sacrifice their interest in style and luxury. Simply stated, Smart Sensuality people -- who Anne has tracked for over a decade -- support brands and projects that combine financial support for activism and philanthropy with their offering of fine products and excellent craftsmanship.