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Sarah Burton's Woman Power

Sarah Burton's Spring 2012 Goddess Collection Unleashes McQueen's Unbearable Beauty SN Living 10/5/11

Sarah Burton is 'hot-wired into the core of McQueen' writes Blanks, without the need to disrupt the beauty of the vision. The two spirits are indeed intertwined, but it is Burton who will unleash McQueen's womanly aesthetic fearlessly.

There is no designer more relevant to the concept of 21st century Phoenix Rising than the Burton/McQueen duo vision. It is Burton who will make me not afraid of the undercurrent that almost always pervaded a McQueen collection -- the desire to drive a spear into the heart of unbearable beauty and sensuality. That is the story of women's lives 'from fashion to flogging', a history that I am personally committed to rewriting in the 21st century. Anne

Disenchanted Italian Housewives

Anne here. In a moment of serious reflection, it seems that even I may be guilty of glamourizing the life of Italian women who declared themselves the unhappiest in Europe in a recent survey of 4,000 women by Women and Quality of Life, a think tank on women. The women surveyed lived in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and UK.

76 per cent of Italian housewives were dissatisfied with their lives, compared to 51 per cent in the UK, 53 per cent in Germany, 57 per cent in France and 63 per cent in Spain.

Half of Italian women said they regretted getting married and two-thirds regretted having children. This reality comes in a country with one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

Italy ranked 74th in the 2010 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report behind Malawi, Ghana,  Vietnam and Peru. You get my drift.

Inhabiting Our Bodies

Body Psychotherapist Ellen Gayda on ‘Body Inhabitance’ | Do You Live in Your Body or Have You Gone Fishing’? AOC Health | Happiness 9/24/11

Without warning, Ellen unleashed one of the most emotionally draining hours of my life. She showed me all the ways in which I was able to acknowledge and even discuss some pretty dreadful history in my life, BUT I never put myself fully back together again fully.

To live in my body, I needed to take it back, she argued passionately — not all the chips and broken bits that are the necessary part of everyday living — but the big stuff, the experiences that own me.  I will never forget these nightmares, in which core parts of my best self were stolen from me unfairly.

Ellen’s theory is different from the “write it down on a piece of paper and burn it rituals”.

Ellen says “Go get yourself, confront ritually and collect your heart, or your trust, or your innocence, and take yourself back from the people who injured you. They have no right to your precious parts. Until you make the decision to put yourself together on your own terms, they own you.”

Taking Back Our Personal Power

For a woman, these moves are very aggressive. If you’re a regular AOC reader, you know that I believe in positive, proactive female power. I believe in women with beautiful muscles and toned bodies, not size 0 beauty standards with the expressed fashion industry message that female hips are deadly.

Fighting for Female Bodies

James Rosenquist ‘Playmate as Fine Art’, 1966Controlling Women’s Bodies Is a Fight to the Finish AOC Sexual Politics 7/9/2009

In America, Too, Hypocrisy Rules

Just this week I took a look at porn subscriptions in America.

As you might surmise, even in America, the states that yell the loudest about the need for women to ‘cover up’ and control their animalistic urges, sign up monthly in numbers that exceed New York, California and more liberal states — the ones with ‘no morals’.

This is the abyss of hypocrisy threatening women’s lives on a daily basis.

From my perspective, female sexuality is front and center, in the ‘battle for civilization’, even though the fight is clothed in religious identities.

One wonders if there is any light at the end of this tunnel.

At a time in my own life, when I want to be reading the great books of the Western World and reflecting on the great minds I will not know before I die, I must go back to pitching my tent in the dessert, hunkering down to do my part in digging us out of this mess.

We’re globalists, like-minded people, identifying the seventy per cent of shared values we can agree on, and not fighting over the rest.

McQueen & Women

Is Forniphilia Essentially Women's Sex Slave Work? SN Living 6/4/2010

Earlier this year, Pop magazine honored British artist, Allen Jones with a story on Wearable Art, starring Devon Aoki as model, shot by Seng & Seng, and styled by Tamara Rothstein. 

Anne's mind works in strange ways. When reading Wired.com's post "The Windup Girl", she couldn't help asking: Do Japanese Men Dream of Dead Dolphins & Sex Slaves?

Noting that Emiko, the windup girl, is a “genetically modified sex slave programmed by Japanese gene rippers to serve and obey,” Anne couldn't help reflecting on the story that refuses to die: Forniphilia | Women As Doormats and Other Art Furniture. 

Emiko is more like a sex robot or one of those pillow dolls -- or pillow cases -- that Asian men ended up marrying. (See Jerusalem-Vatican-UN-Seoul | Giant Male Farce)

Reality is that some women -- moreso than men -- enjoy behaving existing as pieces of furniture. Any version of doormat furniture will do. Bottom line, they are women or illusions of women -- meant to be seen and not heard.

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